White Pine Elementary School

401 E. Linden Street
Mascot:  Timber Wolves
            The southeast corridor of Boise City showed great growth in the 1980's.  A bond issue was held in December of 1988 for a new school.  The bond issue passed and construction began in June of 1989.  White Pine was built on Linden Street, a site the School District has owned for some time.  At the time of construction, the East Boise Little League baseball fields were located on the site and the Senior Field gave way to the new school.  Since that time, the Little League fields gave way to Les Bois Junior High School, later changed to Timberline High School.  
            In 1989, White Pine was a school patterned after the winning architectural design of Liberty School for fuel efficiency.  The school will be a 26 classroom building ready for occupancy for the 1990‑91 school year.  The school will be filled to capacity the day it opens, plus some portables for two classes.  Because White Pine was at capacity upon opening, more schools continued to be built in Southeast Boise.  
            Our school colors and navy, gray and maroon.  Our school mascot is the Timberwolf.   The first principal was Dick Bogle, who was the principal at White Pine for 14 years.  Since then he has been followed by Sandy Winters, Becca Anderson and most recently Tara Coe.  White Pine continues to evolve with an emphasis on diversity and recognition that all students have diverse needs.